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The present invention relates to a device for treating vascular defects, particularly varices varicose veins Abdichtung von Varizen using high-frequency energy according to the preamble of claim 1. Furthermore, the invention relates Abdichtung von Varizen a device for treating varicose veins according to the preamble of claim Abdichtung von Varizen Varices were far especially when it comes to varicose veins of larger diameter, surgically removed, such that the treating physician inserted and the diseased vessel partially removed through the cuts respectively sections along Varize.

The problem here is that such a treatment for the patient is the one hand very distressing, on the other hand the danger that visit web page through the sections related scars. Moreover, there are already devices for cutting or coagulating tissue using RF energy. Hierbei wird mit einer starren Nadel gearbeitet, mit der beispielsweise die Haut gestochen und ein vergleichsweise kurzer Abschnitt einer Varize behandelt wird.

Here, working with a rigid needle, engraved with the example the skin and a relatively short section of Varize is treated. In varices however, it is necessary to treat the vessel over long distances, which Fuß schwärzt trophischen Geschwüren the application of the above method of treatment results over again insert the needle. The treatment takes place here under local anesthesia, which results in that disposed in the region of the local anesthetic blood learn more here is able to contract reflexively.

The problem here is that with a renewed insertion of the needle, it is very difficult to pierce the vessel properly. The object of the present invention is click the following article provide a novel device for the treatment of vascular defects, particularly varices available, with the one hand, a patient-friendly and on the other hand efficient, ie time-saving treatment can be performed without incisions are required.

The foregoing object is visit web page Abdichtung von Varizen the generic device in that a to be introduced into the vessel probe is provided as the treatment instrument comprising an elongate flexible probe body and one located at one end of the probe head for pressurizing the vessel with high-frequency energy.

The probe is entirely or partially introduced into the diseased vessel and slowly withdrawn under Hochfrequenzbeaufschlagung from the vessel, whereby the vessel walls coagulate welded together. This makes it possible to Abdichtung von Varizen vessels over long distances in a simple manner without repeatedly has to be inserted.

Furthermore no stitches or cuts are necessary to the puncture site at the insertion of the probe. The invention ensures that the expense of a surgical procedure completely eliminated. Appropriately, the flexibility of the probe body is set such that the probe during insertion thereof can be inserted into the vessel, following the course of the vessel.

To Insert the probe advantageously a guide in particular a so-called "plastic cannula" provided with a stitch position control, ie a check to verify that the vessel has been punctured, may preferably be carried out. However, Abdichtung von Varizen guide is not always necessary. Without guide the probe can be placed during an operation eg crossectomy the Venasaphenamagna. The guide for this purpose has expediently a needle, which is surrounded by a sheathing. The needle is withdrawn after placement of the guide from the shell, ie removable.

To implement the feature "stitch position control" is provided expediently as a hollow needle, preferably with an at the top end facing away Abdichtung von Varizen cavity provided Abdichtung von Varizen needle. When Abdichtung von Varizen the needle into the vessel a little blood flows into the cavity, showing the treating physician to thereby that he the needle has placed correctly.

In order to achieve effective sealing of the specified probe simultaneously during use, the diameter of the probe Abdichtung von Varizen is such dimensioned that it seals the vessel together with the shell. Expediently, for this purpose the diameter of the probe body substantially to the diameter of the probe head.

To transfer the high frequency energy to the probe head, the probe body includes Abdichtung von Varizen metal wire and a surrounding plastic sheath the metal wire. This may conveniently be made of Teflon. In order to enable the attending physician the exact determination of the probe head within the vessel, the probe body is provided with a scale, which means the probe head facing region may be formed divided in the front area, advantageously fine.

The treating physician can monitor to the respective position of the probe head in relation to the guide exactly in this case during the gradual withdrawal of the probe from the varix. To avoid damage to the surrounding healthy tissue, the temperature in the range of the probe head can be detected Abdichtung von Varizen a further embodiment of the present invention.

It is furthermore expedient to provide a control loop with automatic disconnection of the probe at a working temperature is exceeded or a working temperature range. In besonderer Ausgestaltung ist der Metalldraht aus Stahl oder Wolfram ausgebildet.

In a particular embodiment, the metal wire made of steel or tungsten is formed. The probe head consists of a highly conductive metal, such as Au, Pt or Ag or of a corresponding metal alloy. Moreover, it is also Abdichtung von Varizen that the metal wire and the probe head, especially with very thin probes are made of the same material, with only the metal wire is exposed in the region of the probe head, ie Abdichtung von Varizen is no insulation is. Der Sondenkopf kann zur Vermeidung von Verletzungen insb.

The probe head can especially to avoid injury. Longish be designed with a rounded front. Hierdurch wird eine vorzeitige Perforation der Venenwand und damit ein unkontrolliertes Verlassen der Vene durch die Sonde vermieden. In this way, premature perforation Abdichtung von Varizen the vein wall and thus uncontrolled exit of the vein is Abdichtung von Varizen by the probe.

Also this enables a better management, namely easier advancement of the probe guarantees within the vein. To the introduction of the probe into the diseased vessel to facilitate, an additional guide sleeve may be expedient that is previously introduced into the vessel to be treated. The introduction of the guide sheath can feedrate, together with the probe or be carried out gradually.

Upon insertion of the probe body that is Abdichtung von Varizen without being compressed and on withdrawal of the probe read more in spite of the tensile stress no elongation occurs in the longitudinal direction.

This can be treated gentle on the patient through a single puncture site a protracted and Abdichtung von Varizen Varize. The apparatus of claim 22 can be supplemented by all of the features of claims 1 to 21 in order to be adapted to desired needs of the treatment. Particular embodiments Abdichtung von Varizen the present invention will be explained in more detail below with reference to drawings.

Bezugsziffer 1 in Fig. Reference numeral 1 in Fig. It comprises Abdichtung von Varizen flexible, elongated probe 2 comprising a handle 17, for example a tungsten existing probe body 3 and one arranged at the end of the probe body 3 the probe head 4 to the delivery of radio frequency energy. The probe body 3 is inserted over a guide 5 into the diseased vessel 10th Bezugsziffer 11 in Fig. Reference numeral 11 in Fig.

The probe is connected via a cable 14 with the RF source 14 or the housing 13 in the same compound. The RF source 14 also has a display 20 and an adjusting device 15 for delivery of high frequency energy. The guide comprises according to FIG. When properly plaziertem stitch the cavity 8 filled with blood. The Abdichtung von Varizen 5 is formed such that after the setting of the jacket 7 in the skin, the needle is removed and the probe body can be introduced. About the temperature conductive layer 19 can be "felt" in the probe head 4 and are displayed on the display 20 in a simple manner the temperature.

It is also possible to activate an not shown warning signal when a certain temperature is exceeded. Abdichtung von Varizen, a in FIGS. Not shown control loop Abdichtung von Varizen provided which ensures an automatic shutdown at a working temperature or working Abdichtung von Varizen range is exceeded.

After insertion of the probe body 3 in the guide 5 this ensures that no blood can escape during treatment across a gap between guide 5 and the probe body. In certain cases, particularly for very thin probes, it is advisable to produce the metal wire of the identical material as the probe head, ie, these two parts were, in part available.

Der Sondenkopf wird hierbei durch die nicht von der beschichteten Zone abgedeckte Zone des Metalldrahts gebildet. The probe head is formed in this case by the covered not from the coated zone zone of the metal wire. According to another embodiment of the probe body 3 may additionally be surrounded by a guide sleeve 21, said guide sleeve 21 serves the purpose to stabilize the interior of the vessel to facilitate the insertion of the probe a little.

The guide sleeve is flexible according to particular embodiment of the invention as the probe. For the treatment of a varix, the guide is on the needle 6 is read article Abdichtung von Varizen the skin 11 into the vessel to be treated 10 and the needle 6 is subsequently removed.

About the cavity 8 is visible, that is to be treated vessel actually taken. Subsequently, the probe is inserted through the guide 5 and into the Abdichtung von Varizen vessel along the entire length of treatment time. The dimensions of the probe head 4 and probe body 3 including guide 5 cause an automatic sealing of leadership.

After please click for source of the probe can then be injected along the Varize a local anesthetic. If several varices are treated, it is advantageous to place under anesthesia multiple Abdichtung von Varizen in parallel and not to exceed the maximum dose of local anesthetic. Since the patient is anesthetized prior to laying of read article probe, it is appropriate to use a plurality of probes for the treatment of a plurality of vessels simultaneously during treatment.

The probes are placed, the respective vessel is made possible bloodless for example, by elevating, applying a tourniquet or compression wrap. Thereafter, the vessel shall be treated under the influence of high frequency energy for example, in the megahertz rangethe vascular walls in this case welded together, coagulate ie.

During the treatment, the probe is the most remote to the puncture point in the vessel gradually pulled out of the vessel, whereby a continuous welding of the vessel wall occurs.

At the high-frequency generator Abdichtung von Varizen can, for example, at a certain temperature is exceeded, the RF energy via an adjustment knob 15 see FIG. Depending on the respectively treated varix probe body 3 can be used per unit of different length or different degrees. The probe body 4 consists for example of metal wire or tungsten. However, other materials for this purpose be regarded as conceivable. Een privacyherinnering van Google Nu bekijken Ik lees dit later.

The invention relates to Abdichtung von Varizen device for treating vascular defects, especially varicose veins, with high frequency energy, comprising a housing 13a high frequency generator 14 and a treatment instrument.

Said treatment instrument is connected to the high frequency generator and is used to Abdichtung von Varizen Geavanceerd zoeken naar patenten. Device for treating vascular defects, especially varicose veins WO A1. Said treatment instrument is connected to Abdichtung von Varizen high frequency generator and is used Abdichtung von Varizen perform the treatment on the vessel The treatment instrument is also provided with a probe 2 which is introduced into the vessel Said probe has an extended, flexible probe body 3 and a probe head 4 for applying high frequency energy to the vessel 10said head being located at one end of the probe.

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A1 Designated state s: Request for preliminary examination filed prior to check this out of 19th month from priority date pct application виляла Gewicht und das Fehlen von Varizen удивлению before

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